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Meet the Agents of Reverie | Christine Barnes

When given the choice, Christine Barnes chooses Joy!

Agent Interview & Blog Post by Anna Haisten Williams

Former school superintendent moves from Iowa, now selling the dream to others while living out her own! After working in the school district in the Midwest, Christine would have never imagined the lifestyle she and her husband now live. Forever grateful for her last occupation, many of the tactics and life skills learned are applicable today. She and her husband, Keith, have been together 30 years. Christine & Keith started in the real estate industry by managing short-term rentals; not long after, they became interested in the industry, thus leading her to get her license. Christine has been a part of the Corcoran family for many years, dating back to the origination of Corcoran Reverie.

Something she has always enjoyed about Corcoran Reverie is the “warm & fuzzy family feel”. Her top three memories include: Friendsgiving at Eden State Garden, Christmas festivities, and the end-of-year celebrations! That’s just a small part of what makes Corcoran Reverie who they are. Since moving, Corcoran Reverie has provided the perfect family atmosphere she didn’t know she needed!

When asked what one piece of advice she would give to a new agent, she answered by saying, “Really take time to enjoy the training program as a new agent!” Given her past position with the school district, Christine values every aspect, from work to home of her new Florida lifestyle. Special thanks to the leadership team Libbi Cartwright, Conner Morrison, Corey Birger, Jacob Watkins & Hillary Farnum-Fasth for making this experience so enjoyable. She is still amazed by the wisdom and accomplishments achieved by managing broker Conner Morrison “before turning thirty!”

When Christine first started at Corcoran Reverie in July of 2021, Christine was asked to pick a word for the year. The word she chose was “joy,” which accurately describes her. One of the most rewarding moments for Christine in her real estate career was when she showed clients around the Destin area, viewing multiple houses. After investing time and driving long distances, the clients decided against purchasing. Slightly discouraged initially, Christine reminded herself that this allowed her to become familiar with the Miramar area and practice for the next clients. Around six months later, she received a phone call from the same buyer. Without hesitating, she drove to Miramar once more, showing them around. To her surprise, they made an offer the same day. This was the result of her biggest sale, thus providing her two more sales from the same transaction. Christine uses this memory for herself and others as a constant reminder to remain joyful and stay persistent!

Christine and her husband, Keith, have lived in the same neighborhood in Panama City since initially moving here. In December 2022 that the couple acquired the house they are currently in. To anyone who doesn’t know Christine, she is not fond of mornings; however, the views and scenery are so breathtaking she finds herself naturally waking up each day to see the sunrise. The location of the Barnes residence has family and old friends frequently visiting. This is something they didn’t experience as much until moving to Florida but have been able to enjoy.’

The Corcoran Group’s motto is “live who you are,” but what does this mean to Christine?

“I am living joyfully and that is who I am, I choose to wake up joyful.”

Although there is never a schedule or routine in this career, this makes her eager for the opportunities waiting on the other side of a phone call. With a background in education, Christine has made her main goal to help others. Her favorite memories include driving around with her colleague and friend, Brenda Quiroga looking at property throughout Panama City Beach.

The last piece of advice Christine has to offer would include how she can’t express the importance of “farming.” Farming is the process of expanding your network by reaching out to nearby neighbors and continually cultivating business. The more you do that- the more you will receive business.

“You can not go wrong with agent studio tools, and has great programming; if you do the tasks leadership recommends you are guaranteed to be successful. Lastly, make sure you enjoy work and being a team player; there’s no I in team, and there’s definitely enough work to go around!

Don’t be a stranger if you’re in the office or at an open house, say hi to Christine.

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