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    Bekah Manley

    Growing up on a farm in Northwest Alabama, it’s not surprising that Bekah naturally gravitates towards outdoor living and hospitality. When she moved to the Emerald Coast, she went from playing in dirt to playing in white quartz sand, from riding horses on trails to paddle boarding the bay, from fishing in a pond to fishing the Gulf... but things that never changed was her love for nature, her southern grit, and her passion for helping others.
    For her first few years in the Emerald Coast, she had the pleasure of working with a well-known video production company that allowed her the opportunity to not only get to know the ins and outs of all the areas along the Emerald Coast, but also the opportunity to discover and enjoy the unique hidden gems along the way. She was a part of interviewing hundreds of locals, entrepreneurs, politicians, fishermen, dentists, doctors, etc.
    “Thanks to my previous profession with video production, I have found that even though I did not grow up on the Emerald Coast, I seem to have a greater understanding and appreciation for the people, the history, and the unique aspects of each area than many of the individuals who have lived here longer than myself. I LOVE to help others discover the beauty and uniqueness of each pocket along the Emerald Coast, because there is SO much more to discover besides the beautiful sand and emerald water!”
    With an interest and background in holistic health, Bekah has a passion for helping people create that “fresh start”— whether that be foundational, physical or emotional. "I think we can all agree that the foundation for living beings starts with food, water, and shelter— only when this foundation and standard is met, can someone start to really venture out and enjoy the little gifts of everyday life. A home is a place where you can create your very own sanctuary, unwind, comfort others, and most importantly, be yourself. So thats what I am passionate about— assessing each individuals personality, hobbies, interests, and heart in order to find that perfect and personalized foundation where they can be themselves— a home.”

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    Bekah Manley
    Luxury Property Specialist
    Corcoran Reverie
    4042 E. Co. Hwy. 30A
    Seagrove Beach FL 32459

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